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ATTENTION: You Risk Some Nasty Long Term Side Effects If You Continue To Take Antacids or Acid Reflux Medications For Longer Than 2 Weeks.

"2 Foods Stopped My Heartburn In Moments... And I Would Like To Share My Simple Home Remedy With You"(*)

Dear Acid Reflux Sufferer,

After suffering acid reflux for over 10 years I was able to turn back the clock and experience total relief from this horrible condition. I have a very simple home remedy which quickly stopped the burning sensation in the middle of my chest using 2 really common foods found in most people's food cupboard. It is possible to experience relief in a matter of minutes, even for those who have suffered from acid reflux for years(*).

It Won't Happen To Me !

Have you considered every time you reach for your acid reflux medication you could be one step closer to a serious medical problem?

A Warning From The U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

FDA warning for acid reflux medications
Link to FDA news release

How Long Have You Been Taking Acid Reflux Medications?

More side effects of acid reflux medication

Warning: There is a reason why acid reflux medications and antacids come with a warning on the packaging indicating they should not be taken for longer than 2 - 8 weeks without consulting a health professional. There can be some nasty side effects if you take antacids or acid reflux medications long term... who would associate a broken hip and soft bones to taking acid reflux medications long term!

The Problem With Antacids & Medications.

It is a common belief acid reflux, heartburn & GERD is caused by too much stomach acid - but this is rarely the case. As we age we generally grow less hair, have more wrinkles (lack of collagen), our eyesight deteriorates and the list goes on and on. The same with stomach acid, we produce less stomach acid as we age and by the age of 65 most people produce less than 50% of the stomach acid they produced at age 25(1).

We are about to show you how producing more stomach acid is essential in the vast majority of acid reflux cases. We reveal why acid reflux medications and antacids (which block or neutralize acid) will never heal the underlying cause of acid reflux. Medications provide temporary relief but no long term healing, so while ever you take antacids or medication your acid reflux will return.

Conventional medications like Aciphex, Nexium, Prevacid, Prilosec, Tagamet, Zantac and Pepcid AC which are either Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI's)or H2 receptor antagonists all reduce or block the amount of acid the stomach produces and antacids neutralize acid located in the stomach.

If there is no acid present, or the acid has been neutralized, it cannot burn the esophagus (heartburn pain), but eliminating stomach acid is only providing temporary relief for an underlying problem. It is like paying off a credit card with another credit card... there is temporary relief but you are masking an underlying problem which eventually snowballs into a much more serious problem.

Why A Normal Healthy Person Needs Stomach Acid.

We urge you to do your due diligence and research how important stomach acid is to your overall good health, and why blocking it's production or neutralizing stomach acid over a long period can have serious consequences. (a little bit of research could make a significant health difference in your life)

Why Stomach Acid Is Vital In Controlling Acid Reflux.

There is a valve called a sphincter at the top and bottom of the stomach. The top valve is called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) and the bottom sphincter is called the pyloric sphincter.

The top valve stops the stomach contents escaping back up into the esophagus (tube which carries food from our mouth to the stomach). If it does not close properly it allows acid to escape, which causes the burning sensation known as heartburn.

When the stomach is working correctly, receptors in the stomach signal acid production to begin as food enters. The top valve then gets a signal to close and when there is a sufficient concentration of acid level, the bottom valve opens.

The bottom valve only opens when the digestion process has begun, allowing the partly digested food to move on to the duodenum & intestines.

Here is the key... the bottom valve will not open until there is sufficient level of acidity for the digestion process to have begun, which includes destroying any foreign bacteria which may have entered the stomach in your food. It is the bodies first mode of defence against foreign 'invaders'.

So if there is insufficient concentration of acid, the contents of the stomach remain within the stomach because the bottom valve does not receive the signal to open. The food begins to ferment resulting in indigestion, bloating and possibly forcing stomach contents to reflux back into the esophagus.

As we age we produce less and less stomach acid which is why incidence of acid reflux & GERD increase with age.

Contrary to the popular myth - to stop acid reflux, heartburn and GERD you need to produce more acid which induces the pyloric sphincter to open, and the LES to shut, resulting in the contents of the stomach continuing it's forward path through the intestines... and not back up into the esophagus causing pain and damage(*).

It just makes sense - if we produce more stomach acid at age 25 than at age 65 with little instance of acid reflux in younger people - the way to stop acid reflux is replicate what goes on in our stomach at age 25.

Additional Side Effects Include:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Soft Bones
  • Alzeheimer's Disease
  • And Even Cancer.
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What The Doctor’s Don’t Tell You.

It’s disturbing that people like you and I are basically left in the dark when it comes to information about treating acid reflux via traditional medications and their side effects

Has your doctor ever given you an adequate explanation as to why your acid reflux keeps returning and why the medications haven't healed it? Has your doctor ever discussed any possible side effects from long term use of acid reflux medications?

Every month thousands upon thousands of acid reflux sufferers purchase another month’s supply of medication, knowing their heartburn will return and the medication is just a temporary ‘fix’.

Which was the very reason I spent countless hours looking for a way to stop acid reflux. I knew there must be a way to stop this horrible condition, but just what was the key to unlocking the secrets to stopping acid reflux permanently.

2 Foods Completely Stopped My Acid Reflux(*).

After extensive research and trying just about every different remedy out there, I stumbled upon 2 foods which stopped acid reflux in just moments. This remedy was so simple that at first I refused to believe it... it had to be coincidence or a fluke, but after continuing the research for a number of months I realized it was no fluke... plain and simple, the 2 foods worked and I had found the key(*).

I introduced the remedy to family who reported the same success. Some advised they only needed one of the foods, others advised they needed to take the two foods, but the one thing they all had in common was this natural remedy stopped their heartburn pain. It was time to start shouting from the rooftops(*)...

Finally... You Have A Choice.

Perhaps you have noticed a growing band of people who realize traditional medications are just holding the symptoms at bay and are not doing anything for the underlying problem. We are grateful we can now offer those people the option of a home remedy which works extremely fast and has no side effects(*).

We need to emphasize the remedy uses everyday foods which you would normally consume or use in cooking. So unless you are allergic to these foods (extremely rare) you can confidently take the foods without any side effects. The foods have been around for thousands of years (the early Egyptians used the foods for healing) and have numerous health benefits.

We understand many people will be skeptical of the claim that acid reflux can be healed with 2 natural foods(*) and will continue to do what most people do – take antacids or prescribed medication. I was the same... for years I believed whatever the doctor prescribed to me must be in my best interests.

It wasn’t until I started researching that I found out I was wrong. For starters, I discovered that doctors are ‘encouraged’ to promote certain drugs from pharmaceutical companies. People continue to be prescribed drugs to fix a symptom but not heal the cause, often resulting in some nasty side effects especially when a drug is taken over a long period of time.

The majority of modern medicines were originally derived from natural substances which man has reproduced in a synthetic form. But, contrary to the subtle messages which pharmaceutical companies have been promoting for years, the natural substances still work very effectively(*).

Don’t get me wrong. I believe modern medicines certainly have their place (I would hate to undergo surgery without anaesthetic!) but we need to consider natural remedies, especially when long term drug use can lead to side effects like soft bones or restricting the body’s ability to absorb vital nutrients.

So for those who are still skeptical can I ask a couple of questions - Have acid reflux medications healed the condition or just stopped the symptoms? Do you believe the large pharmaceutical companies serve your best interests ahead of making a profit?

Be part of a growing number of people who have discovered there is an alternative to blindly following the path of prescription medication?

Customer Testimonial.

I Have Been Nexium Free For 2 and Half Months...

Hi ,

I am a 47 year old male and have been taking 40 mg Nexium by prescription continuously for 7 years. Until recently I was never made aware of the long term side effects of long term usage of Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Nexium.

When I started to do some research on alternative medicine for GORD (Gastro Osophageal Reflux Disease) I must admit I was very sceptical about any simple remedy but thought 'What do I have to lose'?

I tried the natural remedy and was astounded that after the first dose, and in a matter of minutes my symptoms eased and eventually disappeared over the next half hour.

I have now been Nexium free for 2 and half months and only take the remedy if I feel the symptoms coming on. Nexium free after 7 years and I’m stoked.

- Mark,
Brisbane, Australia.

Testimonial Disclaimer

Customer Testimonial.

I Feel Almost Scared To Say How Good I Feel Just In Case It Stops Working.

Hi ,

I just wanted to say a HUGE THANK-YOU for this E book remedy, even after a spoonful of the first food I felt better, but I also purchased the other ingredient which I have to say is an acquired taste, especially first thing in the morning! but I will persevere with it simply because I can’t believe how good I feel at the moment.

After six months of pain and discomfort I feel almost scared to say how good I feel just in case it stops working. I can’t bring myself to eat tablespoons of the first food either, so have been taking teaspoons of it and it still seems to work for me!!!!

I have tried to convince a friend who is suffering so badly with a hernia and acid reflux but really to no avail. To me it’s a no brainer when asked if I would like to be on prescription drugs for the rest of my life or take something natural... natural would win every time.

A couple of years ago I was suffering with Vertigo and also downloaded an E book and gave up caffeine and made a few adjustments in my life and once again it worked.

All these remedies should be available on the health service here, I'm sure people would feel so much better. Once again I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to get this remedy and for giving me my normal life back.

- Dawn,
Watford, Hertfordshire United Kingdom.

Testimonial Disclaimer

Customer Testimonial.

'If I continue to feel as good as I have in just two days...'

I am 71 and have had GERD off and on for many years. I have been treated by several doctors with mixed results. The prescriptions and OTC products they had me take often caused me other problems.

Over the last few months my problems with GERD increased, I have been quite uncomfortable, my wife has suggested I see a doctor, but I felt they would find the same results as before and put me back on the same medications.

I learned about your ebooks by surfing the internet and I was so glad to find alternatives to my problem contained in your information. The order process was very easy and the remedy is easy to read and understand.

The remedy appears to be working by the second day and if I continue to feel as good as I have in just two days the cost of your information is very well worth the information you have provided. The additional two books I received is compiled to be very easy to understand and use.

I have seen most of this information before and even purchased other books with much of the same information. However your books, in my opinion are presented in a much easier to understand and use format. The information and results I have already experienced is a bargain for the cost of the three ebooks and I would highly recommend your information to others.

Thank you for providing a very helpful product.

- Maynard Adams,
Retired machinist, and presently a campground owner/operator in Battle Creek, MI USA.

Testimonial Disclaimer

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Are You Being Told The Truth?

How long have you been taking medications? After Mark sent the above testimonial we contacted him and he advised he had been prescribed Nexium for over 7 years and his acid reflux was no better... he still needed to take medication every day and was experiencing a steady decline in health.

Obviously medications were just controlling the symptoms and not curing the underlying cause, and as you now know, it is impossible to cure acid reflux by using prescribed medications or antacids which stop or neutralize the production of stomach acid(*).

Large pharmaceutical companies are aware of this, but it is not good for profits to manufacture a drug which will cure acid reflux. The important thing for them is to produce a cure for the symptom... not for the cause. It is great for the shareholders if you can sell product over and over and over again.

Fast Relief With No Side Effects.

Imagine at the first sign of heartburn appearing you could take a small amount of two foods which will completely stop the pain and allow you to continue whatever you were doing.

Even better... imagine the symptoms appearing less & less as your body begins to produce normal amounts of stomach acid until eventually acid reflux, heartburn and GERD are forgotten memories.

The really exciting part is the 2 foods stop acid reflux, heartburn and GERD without causing any side effects(*). My experience is these foods do not just deal with the symptoms; they assist the body in rectifying the underlying cause of acid reflux.

Have You Been Lacking Energy Lately?

As you produce more stomach acid your stomach begins to function normally again, giving you renewed energy and vitality. How is this possible? Every living cell in your body needs to be replenished with nutrients, and stomach acid plays a vital part in your body breaking down and absorbing nutrients from food, and then transporting them to every cell in your body. The result - healthy nourished cells leading to increased energy and vitality.

This can be your reality when you discover the 2 foods which very quickly stop acid reflux(*).

The 2 foods are very common and can be purchased in just about every supermarket & health food store in the western world. Are the foods expensive? Depends on your location but $10 will usually be sufficient to purchase both items.

1 Year (365 day) Guarantee

12 month guarantee

We are not satisfied unless you are satisfied.

You have a full 1 year to prove this remedy for yourself. If at any time in the 1 year period you are dissatisfied with the information received or results achieved contact us and we will refund the full purchase price.

No funny business like charging a restocking fee...We will refund the FULL purchase price if a refund is requested and there is no fine print.

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Does Your Doctor Provide A Guarantee?

We provide something your doctor or pharmaceutical company doesn't - a guarantee. We know from the small number of refund requests we receive, this remedy is very successful in treating acid reflux, heartburn and GERD(*)...however if you are in any way dissatisfied with the information or results achieved... just contact us within 1 year of purchasing the report for a full refund.

The easiest way to contact us is - alternatively all our contact details are listed Here.

We have never failed in our promise to provide a full refund when requested and we will not fail to promptly refund any future refund requests.

We have eliminated the monetary risk for you, so the only risk is you waste a small amount of time downloading this report and implementing it. On the other hand... for less than the cost of 1 trip to the doctor you could begin your new ‘heartburn free’ life. What price do you put on a life free of acid reflux, heartburn & GERD(*)?

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Let's Compare Treatments...

  Natural Remedy Traditional Medications Surgery

$19.97 one time only

$25 + Month after month

$3,000 - $10,000

Side Effects

Rare chance of food allergy

Large known list of possible side effects

Pain from surgery, risk of infection, pain of smaller bank account balance!

Time Involved

Immediate download and if you have the 2 foods this can be implemented in a few minutes from now.

Purchase antacids or visit a doctor for a prescription. Have the prescription filled at the drug store

Very inconvenient. Days spent in hospital, time off work.


Tackles the underlying cause of acid reflux. Greater than 90% success(*)

Eliminates the symptom of heartburn. Does not tackle the underlying cause

More effective than traditional medications and usually tackles the underlying cause


12 month 100%  money back guarantee

No guarantee.

No guarantee.


Use a natural home remedy

Use man made drugs with multiple side effects

Endure pain and suffering of surgery


Best Possible Outcome.

Short Term Fix

Last Resort

You Deserve Good Health.

    Consider This:
  • What Long Term Damage are Antacids Doing To Your Body?
  • How Much Will You Spend On Acid Reflux Medications In The Next 5 Years, 10 Years?
  • Have You Considered the Consequences of Breaking A Hip, or Soft Spinal Bones As a Result Of Long Term Acid Reflux Medication Use?

Yes - Please rush me the natural remedy to eliminate my acid reflux, heartburn & GERD as fast as possible(*).

Stop Acid Reflux, Heartburn & GERD Naturally

We Reveal The 2 Foods Which Completely Stopped My Heartburn Pain In A Matter Of Moments(*).

Normally $39.90
Now ONLY $19.97

Download the remedy to your computer in just minutes. It provides the Step-By-Step Instructions on how to stop acid reflux quickly, safely & naturally.

You could spend hours searching online for a solution or you could be using this remedy in just a few minutes from now.

    Picture This:
  • No More Pain In The Middle Of Your Chest.
  • No More Antacids or Acid Reflux Medications.
  • Eating Your favorite Foods.
  • Sleeping Uninterrupted Through The Night.
  • Healthy Nourished Cells Giving You More Energy & Vitality.

Warning: You must act now... since we began offering the discount our accountant Roy keeps storming into the office to reinforce the point that he thinks we are crazy. He keeps proffering statements like professional negligence, irresponsible, rising advertising costs and even 'business cowboys' before castigating us again about the price.

I am expecting he will charge into the office any time soon and demand we return the price to normal, armed with figures (like only accountants can!) which may indeed prove we are crazy offering the remedy at such a large discount.

Grab Your Copy before the accountant wins and the price returns to $39.90. We can't ignore his demands for too much longer and the price will remain at $19.97 for a very limited time.

Flashing red arrow Normally $39.90 Now Only $19.97
Including 2 FREE Bonus Gifts.

Wishing you NOTHING LESS than perfect health.

Stephen Oliver.

Author - Stop Acid Reflux, Heartburn & GERD Using Natural Health Foods.

WARNING: The Other Option Is Antacids or Medications!

P.S. You will receive 2 bonus natural health food books (value $39.90) FREE when you order today. The bonus health food books will make a welcome addition to any natural health food library. How much will the ongoing cost of medications be if you do not cure acid reflux NOW?

P.P.S. Remember you have 1 year to prove the remedy for yourself. If you are not completely satisfied with the information provided, just contact us within 1 year of purchasing the remedy for a full refund. We will not keep half the original cost as a handling fee - We believe 100% is 100%, so you will receive the full $19.97 if a refund is requested. IT'S RISK FREE. We have never failed in providing a refund when requested and we will continue to promptly fulfil the promise with any future requests.

Customer Testimonial.

The Remedy Was Successful For Me...

Hi ,

I found your website while searching online for a natural home remedy for acid reflux.

I decided to order and found the ordering process was fantastic – it was immediate :)

Upon receiving the remedy I found it very easy to read.

The remedy was successful for me, the combination of the 2 foods from the remedy along with some additional enzymes I obtained from my local health food store and a change in diet, combined worked well and eliminated the need to stay on chemical drugs prescribed by my Dr. I was finally able to get off of my Protonix and control my acid reflux naturally..

It took me one week of experimenting to obtain success :)

All of the information you supplied was very helpful and informative and I would recommend this remedy to others – I have already recommended it to many...

- Maureen Allen, RN
Rohnert Park, Ca.

Testimonial Disclaimer

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The company is focused on providing the best possible natural solutions to some of today's medical problems and it is important to us to build a good reputation through solid business ethics.

We pride ourselves on having provided quality products for 8 years and we focus on customer satisfaction. Either you are satisfied with our products or you are provided with a no hassle, fast, 100% refund. We have never failed on that promise and we will not fail in delivering our promise to you in the future.

Sources: (1)